“Raw Ingredient Testing: a critical component to quality supplements” by Babette Gilbert-Teno

Be aware of hype or marketing verbiage! It is IMPORTANT to be completely aware of what is in supplements you are taking.

Did you know that when cadavers are dissected in anatomy labs, some tablets (lesser quality) are found whole in the digestive tract as they were not able to be broken down by the body? 

Xray picture for undigested calcium pills
Undigested Calcium Tablets lodged in the colon

I’ve toured labs and sat in many raw ingredient analysis committee meetings. There are many supplements that have tested high for HEAVY METALS, including though not limited to: lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium AND pesticides! And, many that have not met amounts listed on the label OR have exceeded what is listed on the label by 3000%! Scary to think of the damage that can be done without the unsuspecting consumer even knowing until it comes out in lab work or a diagnosis months or years from now!

I’ve been doing research and have been asked for 24 years by thousand of colleagues (doctors, other healthcare professionals, business professionals) as well as clients if I could recommend a high quality “all-in-one” nutritional supplement (with raw ingredient testing) so people/patients didn’t have to take so many pills and spend so much money for so many bottles, AND so they could be assured that they weren’t being exposed to high levels of heavy metals, pesticides, etc. and get sick.

Enter ZEAL! An all-in-one powdered nutritional drink from whole food concentrates with RAW INGREDIENT ANALYSIS done. Zeal also offers a healthy weight management kit with a healthy cleanse and burn. This is why the Zeal Wellness Formula is the only product that I’ve ever exclusively endorsed in 24 years as a Nutritionist!

Zeal Wellness Formula

Quality Labs & specialty tests results related to blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, CRP, homocysteine, cellular oxygenation, adrenal function, immune function

Zeal is changing lives! Patient lab values don’t lie! Balancing hormones and neurotransmitters. Marked improvement in Body Composition – Decreased FAT, increased Muscle. Increased libido, mental clarity, focus and sports performance – setting/breaking personal records. Zeal Wellness Formula is #1 in All Categories!



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