Whoa, this is really serious business

Today, I saw a patient complaining of low back “achiness,” not really anything painful. All neuros, DTR’s, myotomes, dermatomes were normal. Mild discomfort was illicited with a few orthopedic tests. Due to the patient’s age and having sustained a minor fall 1 month ago, my supervising doctor recommended we take x-rays of his lumbar spine to be sure all was clear to begin treatment.

The x-rays revealed this patient had sustained a compression fracture. Thanking God for the wisdom I have gained at LACC. This was a moment where as a student, I take a step back and say “Whoa! This is really serious business!”

Let’s Kick Start This Process

God is on the move! For nearly 5 years Brio Wellness Center has been a dream in the making. For the last 4 years I have have been working hard to become a Doctor of Chiropractic, and in just a few short months, the title will be earned. These years have been flying past faster than I ever dreamed or imagined! Its been an amazing ride!

To kick start the process of getting the wheels in motion to bring Brio Wellness Center to fruition, I am seeking people who would be willing to commit to pray for me and Brio Wellness Center that Christ will be honored and His Glory will shine as we are used as his tools to bring healing to the multitudes living in Southern California.

My favorite numbers are 7 and 14, as they have been my “lucky” numbers throughout chiropractic school during many “luck of the draw exams”. So, I am asking for prayer partners to set their alarm clocks to 7:14am &/or 7:14pm everyday to spend a few moments lifting me and Brio Wellness Center up to God to do as He wills.

Will you partner with me to bring both spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to the many people of Southern California? Please reply here or like our page on Facebook if you would like to join my prayer team.

Singing as I go…