beach bags for homeless preschool children

April 13 – May 30
Donate a BEACH BAG filled with:
boy/girl swimsuit (size 5)
beach towel
& flip flops
to give to the homeless children of
Precious Lamb Preschool & receive…
New Patients: FREE New Patient Visit!
Active Patients:  FREE Essential Oil Therapy Session!

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Your Body Will Thank You!

Start your week with chiropractic. Your body will thank you!


7 Common Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  1. Improved Nervous System Function
  2. Much More Restful Sleep
  3. Better Posture and Spinal Flexibility
  4. Improved Mobility and Natural Pain Relief
  5. Stronger Immune Function
  6. Fewer Hospital Admissions and Surgeries
  7. Less Need for Medications

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I Even Adjust Alien Animals :-)

Today, a child brought her “Stitch” stuffed animal along with her to an appointment. She insisted that Stitch had some physical problems that Dr. Mindi could fix: “Stitch is sick. You can fix him.” So I was obliged to care for this blue alien animal:

If this little one believes in the power of an adjustment…shouldn’t you?

Grand Opening!

Screenshot 2014-08-01 18.07.57Announcing the birth of…


To celebrate our GRAND OPENING, we are PRE-BOOKING patients now!

Help us meet our goal to schedule 30 new patients before doors open the week of August 11th!

 REFER all your friends & family 
BOOK now: 
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PRINT a copy of this page &
BRING it to your appointment

Please Note! This special offer applies towards New Patient Appointments held during the month of August only. You must present a printed copy of this offer during your visit to benefit from this Grand Opening price. Payment will be collected at time of service. Medicare recipients are ineligible to participate in special offers. 


Sometimes you feel like a nut; Sometimes you don’t!



That jingle may ring well in your memory if you were a kid growing up in the 80’s. You probably recall this tasty treat. Sugar coated almond candy bar. What does this have to do with chiropractic?

When you’re feeling like a nut…

  • running your kids all over town from one program, practice, place to the next
  • tied up in traffic on your way to anywhere around LA
  • the impossible boss
  • the back talking teenager
  • the crying baby up all night
  • the laundry stacked to the stars
  • car broken down on the freeway
  • the mounting debt/bills

What do you reach for? Coffee, alcohol, junk food, candy coated nuts, or ___________?

How about reaching for the stars… your Star Chiropractor! Did you know chiropractors are able to identify and treat the areas in your body and nervous system that are causing you to feel like a nut, instead of taking it all in stride? Gentle, safe, and highly effective chiropractic adjustments are the best way to decompress from the stress of life! They’ll get you back in the game feeling like a million bucks!

…Sometimes you feel like a nut… with chirorpactic you won’t!

Do you live in the LA area? Are you ready to get your spine & nervous system checked? Brio Wellness Center’s PRE_BOOKING starts in 7 days!!!


What To Expect Video

Below is a helpful orientation video discussing Chiropractic and the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique. We encourage you to watch this video before your first appointment.

Thanks to the Phoenix Chiropractor for sharing this video. Learn more about the Activator Technique at their website: