At Brio, we’re a family.  Each of us brings inspiration to others. We celebrate and encourage it!

This month is patient appreciation month and I’d like to take a moment to reflect our amazing patients! For patient privacy I’ll just refer to them neutrally and by a single initial.

Screenshot 2015-02-01 10.34.04M has been through much in life. They have battled many health & personal concerns and although they are still in the heat of many of those battles, they made a comment this week while wiping away tears, that really encouraged and inspired me. “Thank you, Jesus! Even when life is hard, I still thank Jesus for it all.”

It really takes a special kind of faith and relationship to be able to say thank you even when you’re broken. Thank you, M, for inspiring me!

Screenshot 2015-02-01 10.34.04R came bounding through the door with the most positive energy I have seen from them since they started under care. Laughing, smiling, and genuinely full of happiness. R too has been through many trials, conflicts, and health concerns.  They commented “I am so glad to be here ~ I’m feeling great and have lost 20 pounds since I started coming here!” 

It is AMAZING what happens when we give our brain and spinal cord the support it needs! Every cell, tissue, and organ in our body is controlled by the nervous system. Our brain fog clears, our energy levels increase, and our attitudes often change. Without even trying, we could begin to lose weight, because now, organs responsible for digestion and elimination are getting clearer signals through this amazing communication system God designed in our bodies! Thank you R for being a good example of how amazing our bodies are, and inspiring me too!

Screenshot 2015-02-01 10.34.04J like many of my patients has a severe health concern that is quite debilitating. In addition, J has suffered from terrible migraine headaches for many many years. As they were leaving the office this week, they commented, “Thank you so much for a whole month migraine free!” 

This was the icing on the cake for me this week. Choking by tears (because my personal chiropractic story flashed before my eyes), I gave them a hug, thanked them for being such an encouragement and said isn’t it amazing how regular chiropractic care can impact our lives?!?

These are real stories of real patients with real struggles. These are the family members of Brio Wellness Center.

Brio = LIFE with enthusiasm & vitality.
Wellness = a state of optimal health.
Center = in the middle of it all.

If you haven’t already found that center in the middle of it all where you can experience a state of optimal health that frees you to live LIFE with enthusiasm and vitality, I invite you call & schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation. You never know if that one baby step could be the first of many great strides towards…


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Screenshot 2015-02-01 10.34.04

Moto Chiro Featured on the Riding’ SoCal Podcast

Moto Chiro Featured on the Riding’ SoCal Podcast with Tom Hicks

What a privilege for Dr. Mindi to be interviewed and share her expertise with Tom Hicks and his listeners. It was a great time!

Below is the info from the podcast:

TomMindi-RidinSoCal-PodcastEpisode 81: Dr. Mindi Jentes – The Moto Chiro

December 18, 2014

Dr. Mindi Jentes is a chiropractor specializing in full service wellness care for motorcyclists. As she says, “you need to tune up your body just like you tune up your bike”. An avid rider herself, she can help you with riding injuries, neck pain, foot pain, numbness in the hands, feet, or limbs, and digestive problems, just to name a few.

Moto Chiro: Website | FacebookTwitter

Press Release

Press Release: 12-17-2014

Dr. Mindi L. Jentes, B.A., D.C. is the owner & doctor at Brio Wellness Center of Los Alamitos, CA. She is a married mother of 4 awesome kids, a 2014 graduate of SCUHS, a member of the OC-CCA, and actively involved in her local church & community.

Moto Chiro_on her bikeWhile promoting her MotoChiro services at this year’s Wings Wheels & Rotors Expo on the Joint Forces Military Base in Los Alamitos, Dr. Jentes met the marketing director for Southern California Suzuki located in Brea, CA. Dr. Jentes is known for her high energy, enthusiasm, passion, and ability to communicate the many benefits of chiropractic care for motorcycle riders. Because she is a female rider who can speak to the needs of riders, Suzuki contacted her to be a guest on their weekly radio show. Their weekly radio show podcast is distributed around the world to avid motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. Suzuki believes Dr. Jentes has the qualities they are looking for to communicate to their audience the impact chiropractic care can have on their sports performance, riding skills, and overall health.

In addition to speaking about the importance of regular chiropractic care, Suzuki has asked her to promote her private practice and the exciting benefit drive going on at Brio. During the month of December, direct pay new patients who donate winter coats & blankets to the homeless preschool children of Precious Lamb Preschool in downtown Long Beach will receive their new patient visit Free of Charge.

What an exciting and impactful opportunity this is for the chiropractic profession!cropped-Screenshot-2014-10-21-09.36.27.png
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Warming Hearts this Christmas!


Let’s warm the hearts of the homeless in downtown
Long Beach this Christmas! Donate new blankets & winter coats for these precious little ones & their mommies!

As a bonus, you’ll receive a
FREE Chiropractic New Patient Visit!
(a$150 value)

Consultation, Complete Health History,
Chiropractic Physical Exam,
Orthopedic Exam & Neurological Exam

Precious Lamb Preschool Winter Coat Drive

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* Donations will be given to families of Precious Lamb Preschool in Downtown Long Beach. Must drop off donation at time of appointment.
**Medicare, Personal Injury, or Worker’s Comp cases
are ineligible for this offer.

MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY!!! Are you looking for them? Be sure to check out December’s Newsletter in a few weeks to read all about a REAL LIFE MIRACLE that occurred in Brio Wellness Center this week! THE CREATOR GOD, HEALER OF ALL, IS ALIVE AND WORKING STILL TODAY, JUST AS HE DID SO MANY YEARS AGO! The Power that made your body, is the same Power that heals your body!

The Power that made the body

Unveiling MotoChiro at Wings, Wheels & Rotors Today

We are excited to be part of Los Alamitos’ own Wings, Wheels and Rotors Expo today! Because Dr. Mindi loves to ride her motorcycle, she will be reaching out to others who love to ride today.

Today is the unveiling of MotoChiro, presented by Brio Wellness! Dr. Mindi will be giving 5 minute talks at 5 minutes after the hour every hour today on engaging topics for riders and their health.  Check out the list below:


Come by the Expo and come by our booth!

Mexico Mission Marvels

We’re back from our missions trip to Mexico!

2014-10-12 16.22.18
Welcome to Mexico!

Here’s the breakdown:

Brio Wellness Center partnered with the Los Altos Grace Brethren Church to take the love of Jesus to Mexico from October 10 th – 12th. We stayed at the Genesis Diez Ranch and divided into 3 teams to meet the needs of the Genesis Diez Mission near Ensenada.

  • Children’s Ministry Team
  • Construction Team
  • Chiropractic Medical Team

Children’s Ministry Team:

Each teammate partnered up with a child from the mission to minister to their needs to simply be a kid! So many of these children are busy raising their siblings while their families are working in the fields. This opportunity to interact and play with other youth and young adults brings life to their tired and weary bones. Playtime at the park, swimming in a pool, singing, dancing, and laughing… good times & very special bonds!

Children's Ministry_group pic
Hungry amigos after loving on their ninos!
2014-10-12 16.11.12
Setting up the VBS for the ninos at the Medical Tent

Construction Team:

Workers from our team assisted in the tearing down and rebuilding of a support wall at the orphanage. This facility is expanding to continue to meet the needs of mentally disabled children that neither the government nor their families can care for.

Hard at work tearing down this wall at the orphanage so it can be rebuilt properly

Chiropractic Team:

Teammates and doctors provided chiropractic care to the local villagers in the communities surrounding the mission. We treated 100 patients as young as 2 months old through aging adults in their 70’s. In addition, we helped to provide a Vacation Bible School program for about 40 kids in the local village of Durango where we set up our medical tent. We also had a prayer station for anyone in need of Christian guidance and healing, and workers from the mission gave free haircuts to anyone who desired. Each family received a bag of food, feminine hygiene bag, a Bible, and a Spanish gospel tract.

2014-10-12 16.16.09
Docs on the Rocks
2014-10-12 16.14.28
Taking a complete health history
Performing Physical Exams
2014-10-12 16.14.54
Loving a mama and her 2mo old baby girl
2014-10-12 16.13.45
Healing Hands for Jesus
2014-10-12 16.12.39
Taking a thorough health history
Mindi_adjusting baby
Restoring health to a sweet baby girl
2014-10-12 16.07.25
Such a beautiful face of the mission God gave us

We are so grateful to Genesis Diez and their fearless leader, Greg Amstutz, for their wonderful hospitality and the excellent opportunity to allow us to partner with them in their efforts to bring the love of Jesus to orphans & migrant workers and their families in Mexico. 

Oh yeah… & thank you Greg, for a great view while enjoying a yummy lunch at “Splash” along the Baja coast during our drive down to the mission. Nothing like fish tacos in Mexico!

And thank you to all our YOU for your support & prayers that made this trip possible! What a privilege it is to partner with you and The Kingdom to serve with the hands of Jesus! We look forward to our next trip back to Genesis Diez to serve in whatever capacity Jesus has for us!

2014-10-12 16.17.22
Greg, from Genesis Diez

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