Introducing: House Talks!

We have some of the most amazing patients in Southern California who are surrounded by wonderful friends and families. So we’d like to give you an opportunity to host your friends & family in your home for an informal House Talk with Dr. Mindi. You even get to choose the topic!

This is a FREE evening of just chillin and chattin.  All you need to do is provide the space and some light snacks/drinks, if you’d like. What a fun way to introduce those you care about to HEALTH!

If you’d like to host a House Talk, contact Dr. Mindi for details:  OR (562) 598-2746

For info on our first house talk gathering, see image below!

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Moto Chiro Featured on the Riding’ SoCal Podcast

Moto Chiro Featured on the Riding’ SoCal Podcast with Tom Hicks

What a privilege for Dr. Mindi to be interviewed and share her expertise with Tom Hicks and his listeners. It was a great time!

Below is the info from the podcast:

TomMindi-RidinSoCal-PodcastEpisode 81: Dr. Mindi Jentes – The Moto Chiro

December 18, 2014

Dr. Mindi Jentes is a chiropractor specializing in full service wellness care for motorcyclists. As she says, “you need to tune up your body just like you tune up your bike”. An avid rider herself, she can help you with riding injuries, neck pain, foot pain, numbness in the hands, feet, or limbs, and digestive problems, just to name a few.

Moto Chiro: Website | FacebookTwitter

Press Release

Press Release: 12-17-2014

Dr. Mindi L. Jentes, B.A., D.C. is the owner & doctor at Brio Wellness Center of Los Alamitos, CA. She is a married mother of 4 awesome kids, a 2014 graduate of SCUHS, a member of the OC-CCA, and actively involved in her local church & community.

Moto Chiro_on her bikeWhile promoting her MotoChiro services at this year’s Wings Wheels & Rotors Expo on the Joint Forces Military Base in Los Alamitos, Dr. Jentes met the marketing director for Southern California Suzuki located in Brea, CA. Dr. Jentes is known for her high energy, enthusiasm, passion, and ability to communicate the many benefits of chiropractic care for motorcycle riders. Because she is a female rider who can speak to the needs of riders, Suzuki contacted her to be a guest on their weekly radio show. Their weekly radio show podcast is distributed around the world to avid motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. Suzuki believes Dr. Jentes has the qualities they are looking for to communicate to their audience the impact chiropractic care can have on their sports performance, riding skills, and overall health.

In addition to speaking about the importance of regular chiropractic care, Suzuki has asked her to promote her private practice and the exciting benefit drive going on at Brio. During the month of December, direct pay new patients who donate winter coats & blankets to the homeless preschool children of Precious Lamb Preschool in downtown Long Beach will receive their new patient visit Free of Charge.

What an exciting and impactful opportunity this is for the chiropractic profession!cropped-Screenshot-2014-10-21-09.36.27.png
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7 Common Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  1. Improved Nervous System Function
  2. Much More Restful Sleep
  3. Better Posture and Spinal Flexibility
  4. Improved Mobility and Natural Pain Relief
  5. Stronger Immune Function
  6. Fewer Hospital Admissions and Surgeries
  7. Less Need for Medications

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Common Phrases: Pain in the Neck & Pain in the Butt

Ever wonder why the phrases “pain in the neck” and “pain in the butt” were coined?neck-back-pain

The part of your spine where your “neck bone’s connected to your shoulder bone” and where your “back bone’s connected to your butt bone” are considered to be primary emotional store houses in our bodies.

These are the primary areas of the spine that suffer the earliest signs of osteoarthritis leading to long term dis-ease. If you’ve got a pain in the neck or a pain in the butt in your life, it’s probably time you get some much needed emotional support– CHIROPRACTIC! It does a body good!

The Mind-Body Connection

“Please stop! You’re getting on my nerves!” How many times have you uttered those words in your lifetime? In our fast-paced, LA society, I’d imagine we say this a few more times than we care to even admit.

We all know that when we are stressed out from various circumstances, we feel it throughout our bodies. This feeling can manifest as upset stomach, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, anger, intolerance, etc…

Your spinal cord is a direct extension of your brain, and you have over 7 trillion nerves in your body! Every single one of them is connected to your spinal cord and brain. Chiropractors call this the Mind-Body Connection.

lampsI like to describe this Mind-Body relationship like a Outlet-Lamp relationship. Our bodies, just like a lamp are pretty much useless unless the appropriate stream of electricity necessary to light up the world around us is flowing un-impeded. Our nerves are like the electrical cord. They allow the transmission of neurons/electricity to flow from the source to the organs/light bulb. There is nothing more annoying than a muscle twitch/flickering light bulb. Right? Are you starting to see The Connection?

Once the bulb starts flickering what do we do? We check to see if the bulb is screwed in tight, or if the cord is plugged in all the way, or if there is a fraying wire or a chink in the chain somewhere. Once we’ve discovered the issue, we set out to remedy the problem– usually a pretty easy fix. It’s rare that we have to replace the entire electrical mechanism or rewire the lamp. But, do you change out the lamp shade? What good would that do besides, make the flickering light less annoying?

So what do you do when you notice the signs of a “flickering light” in your body? If you’re like most people, you set out to fix it.  Just like a flickering light is annoying, so is dis-ease in our bodies. You probably get a little agitated ~ the “you’re getting on my nerves syndrome,” or maybe you just have muscle aches, upset stomach, headaches, colds, flu, ear infections, cough, inflammation, and sometimes even chronic diseases. So just like changing the lampshade to disguise the flickering light is a rather, well, “dumb” approach, why do we mask our symptoms of dis-ease with pain killers or other kinds of drugs? Why don’t we fix the cause instead of disguising the symptoms?

Chiropractors are able to evaluate and identify the cause of dis-ease. Perhaps all is needed is a chiropractic adjustment to turn the light bulb on and get the juices flowing again,  or maybe nutritional deficiencies or lifestyle choices are interfering with the communication between the mind and the rest of the body. A chiropractor is able to diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate steps to address the cause of the symptoms you are experiences.

The Mind-Body Connection doesn’t need help to operate properly, but it doesn’t need any interference either. Chiropractors remove the interference on the nervous system, allowing the Mind-Body Connection to be restored. Let your light shine! Call your chiropractor today!

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